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Plant Safety

Safe Operator, Safe Plant, Safe Environment

Plant in Australian workplaces includes machinery, equipment, appliances, containers, implements and tools and any components or anything fitted or connected to those things. This includes lifts, cranes, computers, machinery, conveyors, forklifts, vehicles, power tools, quad bikes, mobile plant and amusement devices. (Safe Work Australia [SWA], 2018) 

What are the risks? 

  • Plant is a major cause of work-related death and injury in Australian workplaces (SWA, 2018). Severe injuries have been caused from unsafe use of plant including: 
  • limbs amputated by unguarded moving parts of machines; 
  • being crushed by mobile plant; 
  • sustaining fractures from falls while accessing, operating or maintaining plant; 
  • being crushed by plant rolling over; 
  • electric shock from plant that is not adequately protected or isolated; and, 
  • burns or scalds due to contact with hot surfaces, or exposure to flames or hot fluids; 
  • hearing loss due to noisy plant; 
  • musculoskeletal disorders from manual handling or poorly designed plant. 

(SWA, 2018)


Common Hazards 


  • Worn or damaged mechanical components; 
  • background noise causing problems with communication; 
  • lighting and visibility; and, 
  • multiple plant operating in the same area/runway. 



  • Plant moving in and around the workplace, 
  • Reversing plant, 
  • Loading and unloading with plant; 
  • Pedestrians working close to plant. 



  • Structural Failure (including attachments); 
  • Plant/structure/attachments collapse; 
  • Contact with/between plant/structure/ attachments; 
  • Collision with other plant or structure. 



  • Complacency (forgetting the risks) 
  • Competency (inexperience or inability to operate plant safely) 
  • Pre-inspection (not completed or faults not identified/reported) 



Load Lifting or Suspension: 

  • Plant used must be specifically designed to lift or suspend the load being lifted or suspended; 
  • Lifting attachments must be suitable and load-rated for the load being lifted or suspended, and − within the safe working limits of the plant; 
  • Loads must not be suspended or travel over/above a person; 
  • loads must remain under control throughout the activity; 
  • Loads must not be lifted simultaneously by more than one item of plant. 



  • Inspections must be conducted on all items of plant prior to use; 
  • Inspections must comply with manufacturer’s instructions and the plant’s intended use/activity; 
  • Service and maintenance history must be reviewed as part of the inspection; 
  • Ensure the plant is suitable for the proposed activities; 
  • Assess the plant location and layout of the workplace to ensure safe access and egress to and from the plant. 


Workplace Environment: 

  • Separate plant from other plant and pedestrians with isolation, barriers, exclusion zones and/or delineation; 
  • Adhere to all workplace/site traffic management controls; 
  • Ensure a reliable means of communication is in place plant/person; 
  • Avoid plant-on-plant interactions; 
  • Report any hazards, risks or concerns. 
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Featured Employee



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Congratulations Ignacio! 

Ignacio has shown commitment, dedication and reliability in all of his assignments with FT Workforce’s NSW team over the year. 

Thank you Ignacio, we are proud to have you in our team!


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