How to get a mining job?

19 Aug 17:00 by FT Workforce Admin


How to get a mining job with no experience? 

Working in the mines is very attracting for workers looking to expand on their skills and earn more money. Even though there is a skill shortage and mines are nowadays crying for workers, it has become very difficult for workers without experience to land an entry level job. This is due to the fact that mining companies require workers who need to be able to perform their tasks without training and with low supervision. 

So how can you get a job in mining without experience? 

  • Talk to your contacts and networks

Can you think of anyone who works or has worked in the mines? Then start networking with them and ask if they could help or know anyone who could help you land a job in the mines. 

  • Increase your chances with highly demanded skills.

Roles such as HD Fitter, Fitter or machine operating roles such as Excavator Operators, Dump Truck Operators are in high demand in mining but also in the civil industry. If you are looking at getting tickets or a qualification, see if starting in the construction, trades or civil industry could open up more opportunities for you in the future to ultimately get a job in the mines. 

  • Be safety oriented

Safety is number one priority on a mine site. Thus certificates and qualifications are highly regarded and also an important requirement. Start looking a some job ads to see what is required for you to apply. Does the ad mention first aid training, specific inductions which could help you land your first job in the mines? Are some of those inductions easy and affordable to get which could help you increase your chances? 

  • Are you prepared to live a fifo lifestyle?

The money might be good but are you ready for the sacrifices? Working in the mines mean it’s very hot and dry. Can you handle day/ night shifts? Are you prepared to work long hours? 
Ask mining companies directly if traineeships or entry level positions are available or might be available in the future. ​

  • Be persistent but not annoying

Check regularly with mining companies to see if they have any entry level positions or traineeship available. Sometimes small mining companies might be more approachable. Again, it might be who who know and not what you know in those circumstances. 

  • Look at traineeship programs 

Some mining companies have their own traineeship program and will generally have one intake every year or every two year. Do some research and take notes of which websites you need to check every now and again. When you are applying, make sure to have a bullet proof resume. Have a look at our resume template and see how you can spruce up your resume! 

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