How to get noticed for a mining job?

01 Jan 10:00 by FT Workforce Admin


This article is the second part for our article: “How to get a mining job?”. In this article we will focus on how to get your resume and yourself noticed for a mining job. 

In the first part of our article, you will have learnt that mining companies are looking for workers but also want workers with previous mining experience. As such mining companies expect new starters to get on with their duties as soon as they get off the plane without extensive training. Unfortunately, the new boom is not what the previous mining boom was like, when mining companies lowered down their employment requirements and were willing to hire entry level job seekers willing to work. 

But you will have heard for example of one of your acquaintances or a relative who might have been lucky and got an entry level job on a mine site! How did they get noticed? Here are some tips to apply to increase your chances at getting a mining job:


  • What are your transferable skills? Transferable skills are for example communication, dependability, teamwork, adaptability and leadership. What transferable skills did your most recent job bring you? 
  • Ensure your resume includes keywords that are present in the job ad or job description. Many recruiters use applicant tracking systems and extensive databases to store resumes. They will filter through resumes and bring up the ones who match what they are looking for. 
  • Don’t try to hide gaps in your resume (instead add years and not months or include volunteer work for instance)
  • Apply for positions which fit your skills and experiences. If a job ad requests worker with previous mining experience, there is no need to waste your time and the recruiter’s time. Concentrate on the ads that are relevant to your skills and experience. 
  • Clean up your social media channels (Do a Google and Facebook search about yourself to start with for example and check your privacy settings on social media) 
  • Do keep your resume simple! Application systems read words but not graphics. Don’t worry about fancy pictures, colours or funky fonts! 
  • Overqualified? Look at similar positions which could also be a tiny “level down” from what you have recently been doing. Don’t go down too much though! 
  • Think about some achievements you reached throughout your career. They could be useful in your resume or during an interview.


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