Adelaide is South Australia's capital city. It is also the fifth largest city in Australia. The city is sophisticated, yet still retains the charm of his past. Adelaide is a blend of cultural precincts, which all have a distinct community and commercial identity. Each precinct has a recognisable atmosphere, which attracts an informed patron base.There are also many museums, theatres and galleries here in Adelaide. In fact, Adelaide boasts the biggest exhibit of Aboriginal culture and Artefacts, which are displayed at the South Australian Museum and at Tandanya, the National Aboriginal Culture Institute.

The state of South Australia is currently modernising its economy in order to create new jobs which will drive the future of the state for decades to come. 

The growing sectors are as follow: 

  • Defence & Shipbuilding
  • Energy & Mining
  • Health & Research
  • IT & High Tech
  • Tourism & Food Industry
Within the Energy & Mining sector, South Australia has become a net exporter of electricity. Nowadays, the state is now taking advantage of its abundants resources of wind and solar radiations, as well as new technologies. South Australia is now leading the way in Renewable Energy. In fact, one of four homes in South Australia, has solar panel. It is more than in any other Australian states or territories. By 2050, the state is now planning to adopt a target of zero net emissions. This move is predicted to support job growth in new and emerging green technologies. As a result, South Australia will have the opportunity to position itself as a leader in a low-carbon economy.


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