Safety first

FT Workforce has developed an integrated Safety & Health Management Plan that complies with the current Safety & Health legislation in WA.

All personnel working for FT Workforce have completed an online induction at FT Workforce’s head office prior to starting at any site. This ensures that all personnel are compliant with the safety legislation of the state and meet clients’ expectations before they commence work at their sites. Our Safety and Health Management Systems have been accredited with AS/NZS 4801:2001 and OSHAS 18001:2007. These certifications constitute an official recognition of the policies, safety practices and procedures that we adopt to uphold our safety standards and continuous improvement in the services provided to our clients.

FT Workforce’s Safety Management Plan includes and ensures at a minimum:

  • All staff and employees are inducted prior to starting on site.

  • Workplace Risk Assessments are completed prior to staff placement.
  • FT Workforce employees are provided with information, instruction, training and supervision to enable them to perform their tasks in a safe manner.

  • FT Workforce employees are only mobilized to workplace environments with safe systems of work, such that hazards are minimized to ALARP levels.

  • Fitness For Work Assessments are conducted both internally and on site to minimize impairment hazards.

  • All Incidents and Injuries are investigated and managed effectively to ensure prompt recovery and return to work.

  • Awareness programs are facilitated to promote health and safety systems, practices and events.

  • Clients are provided with OSH/WHS assistance where requested, and/or advice to meet Australian Standards.

  • Regular safety inspections conducted by FT Workforce Health & Safety Representatives.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Systems are collaborated with clientele/PCBU’s/Host Employers to ensure all parties are meeting their health and safety obligations. This step also minimizes worker confusion and apprehension from multiple systems.

As FT Workforce has a large client base, it is important that all employees take an active part in promoting Safety for FT Workforce and its clients. With this in mind, all operators are encouraged to report any hazards, near misses or accidents to their respective site supervisor and FT Workforce management.

FT Workforce’s Safety Management Plan ensures compliance through checklists, best industry practices and an understanding of the Occupational Safety & Health legislation.

Site induction verification form & employee health & safety survey

Corporate policies

All employees take an active part in promoting our company policies, which guide our interactions and behaviours as a company with all our clients and employees.

All personnel working for FT Workforce have completed an online induction at FT Workforce's head office prior to commencing at any site. This ensures that all personnel are aware of their health and safety obligations and expectations before they commence work at any client workplaces.

Preliminary safety systems assessment

This OH&S checklist must be approved prior to placement of any FTO Employee(s) at a host-workplace/site.